Friday, January 4, 2008

RM50 Hosting Coupon For Grabs Contest

Wow...It's sound great !!! Right? Here is your chance to win up RM50 coupon for reviewing my blog. I will give out the coupon to the people who post the best review about my blog among 10 participants. For the 9 participants who miss out the chance to win the prize, i will give some short review back and backlink to your blog.

The Only Condition:
- Just write everything about my blog within 50 words.
- Open to all blogger

It's a RM50 discount off selected Exabytes Hosting Plans!!!

Applicable to the following plans:

- Exabytes EBiz Gold Linux
- Exabytes EBiz 1 Linux
- Exabytes EBiz 2 Linux
- Exabytes EBiz Gold Windows
- Exabytes EBiz 2 Windows
- Exabytes EBiz 1 Windows
- Exabytes EBox 1
- Exabytes EBox 2
- Exabytes EBox 3

Visit Exabytes at and use the Coupon Code that will be given to you (winner) to get the special discount.


jian haw said... problem..i wil giv u some post this weekend..

clement said...

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