Monday, December 31, 2007

Buy Magnum Without Spending Your Pocket Money

Today, i want to share with you on how to buy magnum in a smart way. I believe that many people especially chinese will buy magnum during weekday (wednesday) and weekend (saturday & sunday). But mostly they will buy magnum using their hard earned money, if they did not win on that particular day, they may feel very uncomfortable.

Haha...Why must act and behave like that since i have some good way for you but it's only valid for weekend only.

ImDavidLee Suggested Idea:
Buy "Guang Ming" newspaper (RM 1.20) on every saturday and cut off the Magnum coupon which displayed as I posted below. By doing this, your newspaper only cost you RM 0.20 or if u buy the newspaper as usual one then u can buy your luck without spending your money. Depends on how u think la...Hehe..

With this coupon, you will be entitled for free RM 1 to buy whatever number u like. It is valid for 2 days means that u can buy on either saturday or sunday of that particular week.

After ‘kena 4 ekor’, please donate me some ya...Haha..

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Part 1: Secrets of Creating Animated Logo Using Macromedia Flash

This is the first time that I provide tutorial on how to create the animated logo that was published on last week. Still remember?

This tutorial is created due to good feedback and request from some bloggers and forumers. Average rating for my animated logo is 7.2. That's under my higher expectation, but I still satisfy with what I have obtained currently.

By following exactly the procedure that I have provided then you may see some part of the animation as expected. If you found any problem, you may leave me some message for consultation.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search

It is the hunt to identify the hottest and most innovative website, made by youths. If you're aged below 30,u may submit your site with the condition if u own a blog or a website. Listing starts 15th December 2007.

This SPECIAL AWARD will be judged base on the number of hits and the traffic counter uploaded in your site. Have fun clicking away and all the best for the Search.

The Rewards :
- RM20,000 cash prizes
- Investment opportunity with investors
- Incubation by MIRC Incubator
- Extrepreneurship support by YouthMalaysia and Naffnang

Please vote me by clicking the banner appear at the top right corner !!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Animated Logo

Haha...Finally, i have produced my personal animated logo which will be used in my
latest blog I used about almost 2 hours to create this simple animation. Within this duration, i spent some part of the time to think out some idea on how to design the logo and for sure there will not have any copyright issues. In the other words, it is fully owned.

Hopefully you may evaluate based on what i have contributed. The rating that you will
give to me must take into consideration in terms of :

1. Design creativity
2. Smoothness of animation
3. Complexity of work
4. Uniqueness (fresh feeling)
5. Level of annoyance
6. How well it match to the theme of my blog?

The rating is start from 0-10:

0 Very Weak (can quit from creating logo forever)
1 - 2 Weak (need work hard & smart)
3 - 4 Pass & Acceptable (Hokkienese means 'lao jiak')
5 - 6 Normal & Average (still can have more improvement over its based on current ability)
7 - 8 Good & Creative (Grade A's work)
9 – 10 Excellent & Perfect (Grade A++ work & Professional)

Can you please post the rating as comment to me? Thanks in advanced & your co-operation will be highly appreciated.

Remember to switch on the sound volume...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Food Saving Tips

You can save quite a fair bit from your daily food depending on your lifestyle. Below is the common method that I always do and may be can help you on how to save your monthly expenses.

1. If there have choices for me, I will prefer "Ta Bao" (take-away) food instead of eating out which may cause you to order drink? A 2-person meal in a normal restaurant with 3 dishes will cost you more than RM30. While take-away for two persons will not cost you more than RM10. Try to imagine if having your meal at luxurious restaurant. For sure, it’s very nice and can enjoy the good environment but when pay your bills; it’s not only pay for your food but also the environment that you have enjoyed.

2. Sometimes, you may ask your mother for some good recipes. Cook at home is also another good idea to save expenses. Besides that, it’s healthier than eating outside since the hawker will do the best of their business without caring other people healthy. Personally will have 1 or 2 times per month to have home cooked meal only but I also feel very happy and feel that home cooked meal is tastier.

3. Meeting your friends for dinner usually will end up at expensive restaurant. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you tell your friends that you are on budget. I can be more blunt, I told some of my friends that I simply hate expensive restaurant. I will join them after their expensive meal. A better idea is you must to be a leader sometimes and try to schedule a gathering after dinner at some low expenses place like Mamak store.

4. Stay away from beers, cigarette and pubs. Stay at home with your family. If you are surrounded by friends that drink beers, smoke and go pubs and you are financially strained due to such habits. You are probably with the wrong company. Join another group of friends. Previously, I have this kind of habits but now my friends have gone to Singapore for several years working there. Thus, I don’t have any friend that can invite me for clubbing already. Haha…It’s good news for me actually… But sometimes miss them also…

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hong Leong Credit Card

Yoyo... I applied the Hong Leong credit card and it took only 3 weeks to process...I received MasterCard (Mobile Master) and VisaCard(MTV Card) at the same time. Total shared credit limit is RM 4500. Yesterday, i spent some time go to Hong Leong Branch to activate my account instead of calling to Customer Service Centre for activation due to i have some more important questions that need to ask. Indirectly, i can also save my phone charge because need to call to KL number (03) instead of toll number (1800) if activate myself.

I have advised to use it for at least 3 transactions for each of the account within 60 days. If unable to do that, then will be charged RM80 of each.

Hong Leong Master Card offers me 2 years free annual fees and Visa offers me 1 year free once you have activated its. For me, i feel that it's VisaCard bring more value to me.

That VisaCard is commonly used for clubbers because i found that it would bring more privileges to them. For example, with this VisaCard, which is also MTV Card, the clubbers can get free entrance (no cover charges during Wednesday, Friday and Saturday except public holiday and festive seasons) to access glo, momo, Tiger Armed at Penang Road. Besides, they also can enjoy Happy Hour whole night long beer at Tiger Armed. They also can have 15% discount on each bottle that they open at that mentioned location.

In addition, they also can use at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves for special discount except Penang & KL Airport Areas. I think you can have junior scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robin once you have purchased RM20 and above in a single receipt.

Personally think that it will bring more benefits to KL people since most of the restaurants got such benefits are from KL like Little Vietname, Moritomo Japanese Restaurant and so on that you may not find at Penang area.

I probably use my credit card for internet transaction only and that's very straightforward achieve to my objective which is 'Secrets of making money using credit card'...Haha.. ( will be shared with you on later post )

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good News For EPF Account Holders

What do you think about the lower service charge set by the EPF? Currently unit trust companies can charge up to 6.5% in service charge for investments. This is either Public Bank or Public Mutual rate, which are the highest unit trust rates among other’s unit trust. From Jan 1 2008 all investment that are done through EPF will only be charged a max of 3%. It’s great news for those who invest in unit trusts through EPF. Do you think that's low enough or is it still high?

Anyway, it's a great move for EPF to force to reduce the service charge; this will make the UT industry more healthy and active. Indirectly, this move will make all the UT companies to reduce the normal service charge as well.

I think people should not just think of it from one point of view.
Lowering the initial fee is good for EPF investors, but it is actually cutting the commissions of agents. Indirectly, it would cause agents not willing to handle EPF cases, thus not making the investors any good as well. Am I right?

There are 2 accounts in your EPF.
=>Account 1, 70% of your money goes towards your retirement and can only be withdrawn once you reach the age of 55.
=>Account 2, 30% of your money, can be used to obtain a housing loan, education, medical expenses, and pre-retirement withdrawal at age of 50 instead of 55.

Monday, December 17, 2007

MIRC Business Networking Night

Yoyo... It’s ‘by invitation’ and not every people can have this chance to attend MIRC business networking cocktail nite, which falls on last Friday nite 7.30pm at Tanjong Bungah Beach Hotel. The main purpose of this event is to gather all people who are from different background and status to know each other and exchange ideas, suggestions or personal views on their career. Let me share a bit and quick description of my feeling on that nite...

This is the great event that I have ever satisfied with as I can know lots of people who are also can be very helpful in my future career. I felt very happy and enjoy with its on that nite. Although I have not learn much thing but the people that I have recognized mostly from position of banker, successful businessman, IT profession, intelligent marketers, and lots of senior investment team. While I attend myself as junior financial blogger since I have just started this field few months ago. And I felt very proud because there’s no ppl can have such good ways to earn money from Internet besides me.

The environment there is some sort like annual dinner that everyone not only can enjoy the buffet style dinner but also can enjoy with ‘Arabian show’ that was performed by several ‘sweet and slim’ ladies.’s really pretty looks that make me always ‘capture and imagine’ with my eyes till I had no time to move my attention on my Sony Ericsson camera phone to take a snapshot on them.

Overall, I felt very thankful to MIRC as provides me the golden chance to meet with all kind of people at that night. All words that have given to me will be treated as important views to make my smart decision in future related issues…

Friday, December 14, 2007

Interview is important?

I write this article due to I realize that interview is an important session that everyone should concentrate on. Interview is to give interviewer chance to know and understand one’s perspective, so that they can analyze from one person whether he/she is a reliable and fully be prepared to take the greater responsibility on the job that will be performed later.

All good company should do at least 1 performance review annually; this is to measure how well, how fast they have performed during working. Not only 1 way but interviewee may also voice out their personal ideas and suggestions on how to do some improvement over the issue that have been arisen previously or currently to interviewer.

I know some of the people take less initiative and do not care much on the interview session. Generally, “interview is a 1st impression of one person to the employer”. For me, it is the procedure that one person should follow before they start employed. Every people nowadays very sensitive on ‘monthly salary’ as this is the income that they have to gain to fulfill their self satisfaction. I found that most of the people like fresh graduated student will have this kind of attitudes. They will try jumping from one company to another company to find more suitable ‘monthly salary’ rather than suitable job.

Personally think that we should find more ‘stable job’ than what is called ‘higher income’ that may not guarantee your job stability in future. Of course, if you can find the job that can provide you both value then will be appreciated. However, you must know that ‘stability’ is the value that is determined by ur performance. With stability, you can try to extend your ability to do more challenging task.

Besides that, if u have stable job performance, you will have stable income indirectly. Subsequently, financial issues will be minimized. The chances of being financial freedom in your life will be higher …

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vending Machine Business

I am wondering whether this kind of business can provide good side income or not.

Well, personally think that there is a bit of risk since you have to prepare a large capital first. Then, you have to look for a location to place the machine and rent the place from the owner and it can only give a good return if put on the right locations. You have to consider the maintenance cost as well.

The only winner I see from this business is the company that provides the machine.
Some of them are doing losing business as not enough revenue to cover the maintenance cost.

Although u can get the machine from china with low cost, can get it less than 10k.
Yet how much u can make?
1 litre only 20cents/10cents and with so many machines around lately...I dun think the owner will come out with the capital, pay the maintenance, utilities and the rental and pls do not forget the risk of vandalism, money get stolen and machines breakdown frequently.

Lets say 1 machine 10k. 1 litre 10cents is the most cheapest in the market.... sharing profit left 7cents, deduct maintain cost 4cents…profit only 3cents...

รจ 10k/3cents = 333 kilolitre...U need 3 year to get back your capital... Because 1 year u need to sell out 111 kilolitre, 1 month 9 kilolitre, 1 day 308 litre…

Above is my personal opinion for your reference purpose only. If u feel that this vending business can do, then go ahead !!!
The freedom to do what u want exactly when u want to. This is a great chance for you to say “No more 9-to-5 job. No more 40, 50, or 60 hour work weeks.” Haha…

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wealth Building Seminar

Yesterday nite i have invited to attend a wealth building seminar at Evergreen Hotel and it was presented by Mr. K.C.See, the founder of MasteryAsia. It help you discover within urself the power to change ur financial situation, it teaches u on wealth building and being financially free. Let me share wif u all and hope u can learn frm that !!!

First of all, many ppl around this world may not understand what is the meaning of "wealth". Actually it means that "the no of days u can survive if u stop working tomolo"..However, i found that most of the ppl nowadays may not have their good wealth management. Mostly, they work for money instead of work for dreams. This is not wrong but when come into real life, every1 oso want to retire early and have a comfortable life. If they didn't plan for their financial retirement then they will always look for money even they have retired one day...This is not joke, but seriously for u to jote down..

Here is my personal formula and good calculation to u all...

Net Asset
Monthly Expenses - Passive Income

From that formula, if u found that ur passive income is more than monthly expenses, then u r the appreciated rich man/woman and have a good financial management...

So, we as human being nowadays dont too focus on single source of income but try to multiplied it...I personally have on the way to achieve its..

However,if u want know ur financial direction clearly then u must know ur present financial state...Am i correct? This is to prevent u from making mistake or same thing over and over again. I can say like that just because if u r running fastest in the wrong direction, u'll finally will not reach the destination.

My valued assessment - The past does not equal the future, so it is the time to turn ur intention into action and turn ur single into multiple source of income.

Ok la..i will continue next part on the next day since very tired and if u mind to know more, pls offer me a cup coffee,ok ? Haha..kidding la..

To be continued...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Champion of the November !!!

Yeah !!! I got the great news from WMM(Webmaster Malaysia Forum) yesterday nite as i have awarded 'member of the month' which also means the only champion of November...

This award is given to whom is the most active in the forum for that particular month. At first, it won't give me much surprise althou this is my 1st time to get this award as i know that i have contribute a lots in this forum and spend lots of time to discuss and share the idea with the members all around the world.

Once u have become WMM most active member, u will be awarded "RM 199" hosting coupon from Exabytes local web hosting company. I have planned to make use of its and plan to have own hosting within this 3 month since that coupon can last for 3 months duration. With this RM 199, you can buy 1 year of hosting but if u can add on another RM 100, u will entitled to get 2 years web hosting. I have planned everything from the start, so now just treat this as motivation for me to do and get ready for the next step.

My words to u all is "Knowing is not enough, u must know to apply. Willing is not enough, u must do". Regarding the domain suggestion, website design, graphics design or any financial issues, pls don't be shy to ask me in that forum. I will try my best to give u a quick feedback there.

Friday, December 7, 2007

3 Secrets You'll Never Hear From Credit Card Company

We know it happens for many people for many reasons of credit card issues. Some ppl simply assume their lives will get better, so they buy whatever they want and 'pay for it' with plastic (clearly a bad idea).

But other ppl go into debt bcos of an emergency, or they finance their start-up business with their credit cards.

No matter what ur situation...whether u carry credit card debt or pay off ur balance every month (if u do, way to go!)...

So here are 3 secrets revealed - things u'll never hear from ur credit card company and my solutions to help u keep more of ur own money:

Secret 1
Short period of low interest rates
imDavidLee Tips : If u sign up for a card with an low rate, pls mark ur calendar for the day that the low rates expire. Then, make sure u flag the day one week b4 make ur payment, pay the entire balance off if u can.

Secret 2
Your credit card grace period
Most credit cards give u 25 days b4 charging u interest if u're not carrying any unpaid balance; some give u 30 days. But others have cut back to 20 or even 15 days, and a few have NO GRACE PERIOD at all, charging u interest all the time on anything that u buy.

imDavidLee Tips : Choose the longest grace period that u can find, typically 25 days. Never go with a credit card that doesn't allow any grace period. U r just getting ripped off.

Secret 3
Little payment is allowed
Over the past 5 years, some companies have quietly lowered the minimum payment from 4% to 2% of ur balance. That way u don't have to pay as much every month. Isn't that nice of them, trying to make things easier for u?

Yeah, that's GREAT deal..only for the credit card company.

Imagine urself !! Let say if u pay just 2% on RM1,900 balance, it will take 20++ years to pay off the balance...seriously! And what's more, u'll pay more than RM4,000 in interest. That's more than double the original balance!

imDavidLee Tips : Pay more than the minimum every month and save big $$$ in interest. Ideally, u want to pay off the entire balance every month. But if u r unable to do that, pay as much as u can possibly afford.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My new domain is born !!!

Finally, i have come out my new domain for my financial blog after several months of consideration due to unable to find a suitable domain for myself.

Hope u can always have a drop by !!!

Thanks in advanced !!! Your co-operation will be highly appreciated !!!


Debit Master Card

As u known, MasterCard is running heavy TV advertisements to promote the debit MasterCard. I have applied a PB Visa Electron debit card 2 weeks b4 but til now still did not get the approval yet and mayb will try apply AmBank NexG MasterCard also within this few days.

What is Debit MasterCard?
Basically, debit MasterCard card is a card which linked to ur saving or current account and allows u to make transactions using ur funds at any merchant that accepts MasterCard. The amount will be automatically deducted from ur account. The amount is not limit, u can reload as much as u can. But minimum is RM30..haha

Where to apply?
Currently, u can apply Debit MasterCard card from 2 local banks: AffinBank Berhad and EON Bank Berhad.

AffinBank Debit MasterCard — Generally, any1 who has an AffinBank account and 18 year old can apply the debit MasterCard by filling up a debit card application form. You can earn 0.5% cash-back per transaction when u spend.

The annual fee of the card is RM20 per annum.
Balance inquiry at other bank's ATM is RM1 per inquiry.
Cash withdrawal at other bank's ATM is RM7 per withdrawal.

EON Bank Debit MasterCard — I think the fees and charges are bout the same as AffinBank Debit MasterCard. You may want to goto EON Bank branch for more information

My concept is try apply as many card as u can if u are active internet savvy !!!